Never Sunny at The Emmy’s–also Hollywood is Terrified of Netflix

The only Emmy nomination It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has ever received is for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or Variety Program.


If that doesn’t register as insane to you, then you haven’t been watching one of the most brave, innovative, and hilarious shows of its time. For shame.

So while you are trying to get over your anger at The Emmy’s for not picking your favorites, keep this in mind: they have no idea what they are doing. They are just a huge chorus in a Greek tragedy, echoing what has become evident, even if it’s inaccurate. Does Breaking Bad, the most important show to air since The Wire, deserve all those awards? Sure, you can make the argument. For two years straight.

However, does Modern Family–a show that I also love–deserve to own every Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy since 2010? That’s more than a little questionable. How about this: the three Outstanding Comedy Emmy’s before this all went to 30 Rock. As much as I also love 30 Rock, there is little argument about its inconsistency during those very years it was cleaning up Emmy’s. Just ask Alec Baldwin.

In case you didn’t also know: the voters seem totally incapable of separating individual Actress and Actor awards from the dominant award-winning show. Look at the records. They have become like the Heisman Committee in college football.

Last thing: Hollywood is obviously very afraid of Netflix and its fellow digital content producers. Last year, it was forgivable that House of Cards went home empty because it was up against such an incredible season (and body of work) by Breaking Bad. Last night, however, with Orange is the New Black running strong with a bevy of nominations and also going home empty, as House of Cards did, again, the larger picture becomes more clear.

It’s only a matter of time, Hollywood. Don’t fight.



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